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Best Culinary Academy for kids

A Sweet Encounter delivered monthly right to your door!
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How it Works

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Make New Memories

Connect with kids through the love of food!

Learn New Skills

Kids will learn lifelong cooking and baking skills while building confidence. 

STEM Based Activities

Interactive and fun activities designed to promote a love of science and math.

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Its Just FUN!

Each month receive 3 new recipe cards, a utensil of the month and conversation cards. 

Why Sign Up?

Build Confidence and Culinary Skills 

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Join the Academy!

Start by selecting a subscription. 

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Receive Monthly Cooking Kit

Each month enjoy a themed cooking kit that includes three recipes, a utensil of the month and conversation cards.  Also, join our online community for bonus recipes and video tutorials.


"Sweet" Cooking Encounter

Learn new culinary skills, make delicious recipes and enjoy fun STEM activities while having a sweet encounter with those you love most.

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12 Months Plan

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What are SE Families saying?

She LOVED the box so much. She said it was her favorite Christmas gift. I love this so much!

~ Ashley

We love SE Kids! My seven year old son enjoys learning about math and science through cooking and trying new foods. This experience has piqued his curiosity, independence, and the way he thinks about food. A fun way to bond as a family!

~ Kimberly